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Monday, September 7, 2015

we're (P)inspiring you again at Paper Issues!

morning, chickens!  hope you're enjoying your weekend, and NOT labouring, because even though that's what it's called, that's not what ANYONE ever has on their agenda for the holiday, right?

well it's (P)inspire Me Monday at Paper Issues, and i'm so excited about the new mood board!  i whipped up this little pretty...

because Pinterest!  how much fun are these images?  what kinds of awesome crafty things can you conjure from the collage?  my choice is probably pretty obvious, and i knew it had to be that way...

omg.  that boy.  he melts my heart!  this picture is from nearly 2 years ago, when he discovered the wonderful view of birds and snow from my bedroom window.  just look at that intent stance!

love him.  seriously.
love his curiosity (he is the stereotypical cat in that regard) and his playful spirit.  
and he's a good boy.  :)

but now you're going to want to CLICK HERE to visit the Paper Issues blog to see what the rest of the Creative Team did with this mood board.  so many interpretations and styles - i love seeing what they all bring to the screen!  and CLICK HERE to visit the Friends & Fans Facebook group so you can add your take on the inspiration to the album, and be up for one of the monthly gift certificates!  

and then when you spend your winnings, use this to save on your whole order.  because i think you're fab. :)

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