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Friday, May 7, 2010


okay folks, come and play along, and give me a little ego boost, mmmkay? :) this is my first time playing along with the AMAZING Design Team at Envious, and i'll be totally honest - i'm a LEEDLE bit nervous and intimidated, 'cuz those Nerds are SUPAH crafty and creative and talented! i'm SO excited to be on the team (THANK YOU, LYNNETTE!), but i hope i can keep up with all their greatness!

so i can't gush ENOUGH about the concept - create with a collage as your inspiration. it's FABULOUS, and our Headmistress gives us some fabulous imagery to kick our mojo into overdrive! feast your eyes on this month's collage:
HOT, no? i love Blondie! and the '80s seems to be a recurring theme this month (scroll down for deets on the new Some Odd Girl challenge!)...

my project started out with one little scrap of pink and white paper from SEI (that i wasn't crazy about, and has been sitting in my scrap stash for, oh, well over a year)... fussycut it to bits and turned into a frame for my 5"x8" art journal page. found the Frida clipping from a brochure from the art museum, and the rest just kind of FELL onto my paper, i swear. it's like the thing assembled itself - it all just kind of leapt forth from my stash, and each new element i picked up just HAPPENED to be exactly what i was looking for. that NEVER happens! (click to enlarge!)

my title is from Blondie's "The Tide Is High"

houndstooth circle from a KI Memories "Sheer Delights", yellow backgound paper and green handcut scalloped border from BasicGrey, Queen & Co. pink felt, little airplanes (and the book, below) cut from an old greeting card, the red flowers used to be attached to my glasses case

buncha Thickers (the pink backed on black cardstock so they would stand out, and the light blue dotted 'cuz i like to doodle!), my trusty Dymo Label Buddy (with a bit of a My Little Shoebox twist), cupcake is a Unity stamp from the Prismacolor "class" i attended some months back with Lauren (hee hee - yeah, like we LEARNED something from that "class"!)... felt arrow from American Crafts, butterflies made with MS punch *swoon*

SHEESH! i think that's probably the MOST detailed description i've ever given of a project! to be honest, i rarely remember all the elements i use, or who makes the papers, so this is probably just a fluke. ;)

anywho.... we Nerdy Girls at Envious would love to see what you can do using the above collage as your inspiration! you could win this sweet little pack of yum:

and i'd be thrilled to see some of my pallies playing along with the Nerdy Girls! GO HERE FOR THE CHALLENGE, and you have until the end of May to get your projects in, and then the voting will begin for a favourite... so yeah, there's plenty of time, but you don't want to wait, because then you might FORGET! *gasp!* hope i'll be seeing you over there, and, well, have a fantabulatious weekend, chickens! (mine's off to a great start!)


  1. wowzer!!!! There is so much going on on these fab pages...Just Love them! I do Love the collage look, and the bright colours are fabulous!!! Hugs Juls

  2. How wicked!!! What awesome challenge and projects. Nerdy sounds good to me o I may havta check you out over there :)

  3. fabulous!! love the inspiration collage and your impression of it!! great job chica= you fit right in with those nerdy girls!! ;0)

  4. holy smokes girl!!! U rocked it!!! i love love love love that song!!!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the title work and loving all the YUMMY colors! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Ohhh Leah that is FABULOUS!! What an awesome Challenge!!

  6. Yayyyy!!!! Congrats to you! This sounds like a great place to hang out. I love the inspiration and the 80's too. You chose one of my favorite songs! YOu need not be nervous, you are a DIVA!!!!
    Kim xXx

  7. Wow, some of the most intricate and detailed work I've ever seen! You totally rocked that collage work! Oh my! I just love it and can't stop gushing!

  8. LEAH!!!! What on earth were you worried about??? This TOTALLY ROCKS!! I love everything!! I am envious of you being able to scrap. I have tried a few times and I just can't seem to fill up the space. :) Hugs hun - can't wait to see your next one and just maybe... I will one day take the plunge to get inspired by you hun in scrapperworld. :)

  9. I've swooned here! Come help me up off the floor! AHHH! LOL

    Love it, love you. Happy Mother's Day Trixie!

  10. This is so fabulous! Great work!!!

  11. okay ~ and i loooooooooove yours!!!!! love, love, love!!! lynnette,,, if youre listening,,, were ready for more collages!!!! ;-)
    have a great day love!!!

  12. Way, way cool!! This has to be one of my favourite cards of yours. I love Blondie too. I remember singing along to 'Tide is High' at my Year 5 disco (oh no, showing my age... my *daughter* is in Year 5 this year!!) Oh, and I even have an idea about what to do for this challenge, so I just *have* to join in now. Love your work xx

  13. AWESOME Leah! Wow, wow, wow, this is pretty darn amazing. Lots of inspiration here and I'm in awe of how you make all the different elements fit together so well. Can't wait for the next reveal. Hugs, Maria

  14. Wooooooooow! That is a gorgeous collage. Even got some Frida in there!!! I soooo want to play along with this collage. Very cool.

  15. AHA!!! you have entered "THE COLLAGE ZONE"-- congrats!!! now you know why i love it so much...cause that's exactly what happens when collage is going well--it's like someone is HANDING YOU exactly the right ingredients in the right order and all you're doing is sticking them on in a kind of a daze! LOVE THAT! love♥LOVE♥loOoooOove your collage, as well, that really is a wonderful combination that has become soooo much more than its considerably awesome parts! i love the frida pic...and the way you've combined the shoebox letters w/dymo...and the doodles...and ♥EVERYTHING♥!!! so soooooo SOOoOOOoo very utterly arctically COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! ♥♥♥

    (ps: & see...that class is TOTALLY payin' off for ya there! couldn't've done it w/o our AWESOME teacher, eh??!!!)


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