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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

you're gonna wish you were a ninja!

seriously, you need to GO HERE! the Pink Ninjas are having a hop, with an AMAZING guest Ninja chick, and some HOT HOT HOT prizes (some of them handmade, and absolutely delish!). have you seen their kits? if my hubbin wouldn't disown me for getting scrappy kits delivered once a month, i'd be ALL over these, as each and every kit is ree-dickerissly awesome!

check out the Thrift Shop Junkie kit (click it to go to their Etsy shop and see the deets):

it's absolutely drool-worthy. i want!

go check out their blog hop and get in on the action! (my fellow Nerdy Girl at ENVIOUS, Ally, is one of the Ninja Masters, and she's the bee's frackin' knees, folks!)


  1. I think this kit looks so fabulous!!!!

  2. I get lost a bit on the internet and then find my way back to your blog, and I ALWAYS smile when I read your posts. You = hilarious. Stay that way. *grin*

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. yessss I would love it!

    and... you changed your blog!! I had to double check I was in the right place- haha!!


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