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Friday, September 24, 2010

some productivity - how about some MOJO please?!

i said i was working on making a bunch of stuff, right?
well for some reason, this card had me STUCK for the better part of yesterday. i just didn't know where to go with it after i had die-cut and stamped my sentiment. i had to keep walking away from the table, wandering around the house, doing other random things, checking email, eating stuff, running errands and i kept coming back to try to make this card work for me.

in the end, i won, but it took some doing!

it was the flower that brought it all together. it was flowerless OVERNIGHT until i realized that this is just what it needed this morning.

voila. done. FINALLY!
i used the sketch at Card Patterns:

and the 'Distressed' challenge at ABC

and i didn't bother trying to create anything else today, because the mojo CLEARLY was just NOT THERE! maybe tonight when i get back from the gym and the blood's flowin' and the brain's all stimulated and stuff. :)

if not, well i'll catch you on monday. enjoy the weekend, chickens! xo


  1. Flowers always win,ask Carly!!! Fab card. love it
    xx Vee

  2. I feel your pain...I just HATE when that happens. It takes it all out of you doesn't it? But this card was deffo worth it. Love the layered half circle and the flower is the icing on the cake!

  3. LOL! We were in the same boat but you won big time! I love how the flower gives a nice pop of color!

  4. I'm finding it hard to believe that you are lacking the mojo. That card is fabulous!!!! I do understand the lack of mojo. I've been lacking it a lot lately. I can go weeks feeling inspired than WHAM nothing to hep me create. Such a horrible feeling but sometimes I come out with my best stuff after a scrap break.

  5. This is absolutely GORGEOUS! Your pain and toil were worth it! LOL! And I have TOTALLY been there1

  6. GORGEOUS! I wish i can create cards too

  7. this is beautiful leah!!! p.s there's something on my blog for you xxx

  8. Yeah! YOU did it!! I think it turned out fabulously~!

    Deanne :)

  9. oh wow!!! this is so fabulous and stylish! Hugs Juls


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