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Thursday, May 31, 2012

you got BLING? we wanna see it!

morning folks! bright and early here in South Jersey, but it's happy hour somewhere in the world, right? ;) welp, that said, it's CHALLENGE HOUR at Charisma, and i just KNOW we're going to have a bazillion entries for this one....

we wanna see your BLING BLING BLING!
(that kinda sounds naughty, but i swear it's not!)

yep, bling out your project and show us whatcha got! being huge fans of the blingage, we Charisma Galz rocked out this challenge and brought the A-game (at least in my opinion!). here's what i threw down:

let's just take a closer look, to see how much bling is really on here, 'kay? it's not easy to show from one angle, so here ya go...

okay, so you can see where the Stickles were applied to the bubbles, and the gems around the mirror a little better...

and hopefully you can see where the Stickles were also added to the petals on the roses...

blingy enough for you? i think you can do better, and i wanna see! :) click here to see what the rest of the Charisma Galz have done, and join us with your blingy project by next WEDNESDAY for your chance to win goodies from:


a big thank you to our fabulous sponsors, who rock with their generosity each and every week! if it weren't for them, we might not have quite so many lovely participants, and Charisma might not be the number 2 challenge blog!

CLICK CLICK CLICK and join us, folks! have fun, happy craftin', and i'm going back to bed! :D


  1. You coulda asked before you used a likeness of me in the barf! Blingtastic creation. Mwah. xx

  2. totally gorgeous Leah!! lovin' all the bling!

  3. This is blingTASTIC Leah!! Love your work! So much bling I lost count on the first picture. Really awesome idea to add gems around the mirror!! <3 xo


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