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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

i'm tuting (tooting?!) it up at Some Odd Girl today!

mornin', chickens!  BRRRRR.  it's flippin' cold here - it's wrong to be scraping frost off my windshield at the end of March.  i'm OVER this cold weather and want to wear my pretty springy suits!

anywho.  life is good, and today is no exception.  i've got a little tutorial for you today at the Some Odd Girl blog - a hint about bending stamps and balancing round cards...  the post goes live at 9 am EST, but here's a sneak for you!

i won't give up the deets, but i had a little fun with my border stamp and have the knack for making cards that stand up.  :)  i'm just sayin'!

also, if you're looking for some additional fun, we've got a GAME for you at Some Odd World (our Ning community).  if you're not already a member there, you're missing out!  there are Ning-only challenges, discounts and special features that aren't available to our Facebook friends or on our blog!  CLICK HERE to get started, or to check it all out!

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