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Monday, February 3, 2014

we're FILLIN' 'ER UP at Paper Issues! $20 up for grabs!

hey there, chickens!  it's time for a brand new issue at Paper Issues, and our theme is "Fill 'er up!"...  we love seeing what you creative people come up with to fit the theme (and remember your project does NOT have to be new!), and i kinda went for a two-fer... 

here's my card, featuring the YUMMY new Be Loved collection from Fancy Pants (CLICK HERE to check it all out in the Paper Issues store!):

those papers!  OH MY GOOMIE!  i love the shades of pink, and the awesome touches of grey throughout the line!  and the watercolor hearts are just fabulous!  the flair and alphas are from Be Loved as well.  all i added from my stash was the ribbon and sequins.  now all i want to do is make lovey-dovey Valentine's cards. 

SO.  to fit our theme, i make a little shaker box and filled it up with shiny things, and i incorporated the theme into my title, too.  piece of cake!  remember, you can do whatever you like as long as it fits the theme. some ideas, should you be struggling for inspiration... gas prices, filling a page, fill a pocket on your card/scrapbook page, filling things (like bags of leaves, bathtubs, the dishwasher, filling a house with love, etc.)...  the sky's the limit!

here's what's up for grabs!

and you can spend it in conjunction with this:

and you can buy nice things like this:

'cuz who doesn't like a discount?  and who isn't LOVING these new releases?!

LINK UP by February 16th and you might get yourself $20 to spend at the Paper Issues store.  :)


  1. I LOVE that sequin pocket! Totes gorgeous Leah!

  2. girlie, you fill my heart with happy. Seriously... Miss you dahling... Can't wait to see the new diggs, just sayin. :) We are moving in June, so maybe you can check out ours as well, lol... IDK WHERE we are moving to, but anyway, more to come... Luv ya!!

  3. Love this to bits Miss Orange :)


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