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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dollies and TownScrapper challenges, plus UNITY LOVE

it's friday!
tomorrow, i am heading up to my Dollie, Adina's place for some craftin' fun and to catch up - i haven't seen her since OCTOBER and i've missed her dreadfully! it's also her BIRTHDAY on sunday, and she happens to have some yummy celebration CANDY up for grabs! all you have to do is follow her, add a comment, post the candy to your blog if you like, and play with the Design Dollies for any of our March challenges and let her know you played (each time you play gets you an extra chance, plus if you play NEXT TUESDAY when she posts her Elements Challenge, you'll get THREE more chances!). seriously, she's got some yum to give away, and she's giving everyone a TON of chances to win! well you don't have to do ALL of those things, but they will increase your odds!


THE TRIFECTA awaits you! the brand new SKETCH CHALLENGE is up, and it's NIFTY! so you can tackle the sketch for your chance to win THIS:

or you can combine our challenges this week for chances at the other prizes, TOO! check out what all the Dollies have done HERE and join us! remember - your project must be created NEW for our challenge, and you must link back to our blog post in order to be eligible for the yummy prizes.

visit us MONDAY to find out who our NEW DOLLIES are going to be for the next term - April through June. we've done our deliberating, and we have some emails to send out! :) thanks to EVERYBODY who sent us your applications - the response was totally overwhelming and the decision was VERY tough! but we think the visitors to the Dollhouse are going to be in for a HUGE treat, with all the amazing talent you'll be seeing!

we also have a brand new TownScrapper challenge for you today! not only should you pop over to see what our Scrapettes have done with all the YUMMY new Victoria Case images, but you can catch a SNEAK PEEK at another little treat that's just around the corner! AND if you play along, you can win your choice of the newest Victoria Case stamps, designed for and available EXCLUSIVELY at The TownScrapper!

CLICK HERE to check out our 3-BUTTON CHALLENGE, and see what the very talented Scrapettes have done to inspire you! :)

and while i wanted to make some cards and do a layout last night, something else popped up and i made something for The Son, instead. today is "pi day" at his school, and he needed something for extra credit for math class. i went to AC Moore and bought a t-shirt for a dollar, and came home and made THIS:

the photos aren't the greatest because i had to take them before the fellas left for school this morning (the sun wasn't totally up yet!), but i had a LOT of fun making it! the PI symbol i made from scratch and used a permanent opaque marker for it, and the numbers were stamped using the awesome Just My Type stamps from Unity that i'd won a while back. should i send it to them to show them how versatile the set is? it was PERFECT for this task! (yes, it's supposed to look grungy and imperfect and unevenly spaced, and yes, the numbers are all in the correct order)

how strange when a t-shirt that a mom makes for her almost-17-year-old son is actually well-received, to the point where he claims he'll be keeping it to wear again. :) we'll see if he still feels that way when he gets home, and after i've heard what his friends and classmates have had to say about it.

anywho, there you have it.
lots of work to do today. lots of MAD CRAFTIN' to do tomorrow. and, sadly, a funeral to attend on sunday.

i may be around sunday if i'm able to get any challenges done this weekend, but it's more likely you'll see me on monday. ciao!


  1. That shirt is so the coolest thing ever! What kind of ink did you use?

  2. Seriously? I want that shirt! That is awesome!!!

  3. Leah, I hope you have a fantastic time!! Awesome t-shirt! My son is almost 17 May.

  4. You made the shirt? To get xtra credit shouldn't he have made the shirt? JK!

  5. WHAT FREGGIN SWEET shirt! It looks store bought.

  6. Yup, I have to agree with your bloggers... AWESOME shirt, and he must LOVE it!! :) Can't wait to see you tomorrow Dollie!!!

  7. Oh Leah - the shirt is perfect. You are so creative hun. Great idea and so versatile. Have a great weekend. Big Hugs, Maria

  8. Wow, what a perfect shirt! I love it!

  9. OMG that t-shirt is soooo cool! Love it! Hope you're having fun craftin'!

  10. Okay, that is the coolest shirt EVER!!!!! It is perfect!

  11. ok, see, i was gonna ask where the lad *BOUGHT* that fabulously awesome shirt!!!!! ♥♥♥ seriously. that is MAGNI-freakin'-NIFICENT!!! you have outdone yourself...the highschool boys...and math teachers everywhere...will be lined up at your door!!!

    ps: and *YES* i am totally planning to do a dollies' challenge! maybe--hopefully-- THIS ONE if i can get my silly act together!!! i shall hasten over there to acquire the details after i've seen what else ya made this week! :)

  12. You never cease to amaze me Trix! This is fab!

  13. Very creative shirt! I would never have guessed from your photo that you had a 17 year old!


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