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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NEW SOME ODD GIRL digis - SO cute!

okay, my Dollie, Kristy, has been a BUSY girl!

CHECK IT OUT! brand new Some Odd Girl images - lots of them! critters, monsters, a robot, some cute little desserts, and some gorgeous nature stuff like a tree, sunshine, rainbow, mushrooms... OMG, they're adorable, and you have to go SEE FOR YOURSELF!

there's also a Facebook page, where you can become a fan ('cuz you WILL be, when you see the digis!), and a blog, and this THURSDAY, we have some excitement to share! i can't wait! (bustin' at the seams over here!)

so there that is!


  1. The critters are so stinking adorable!

  2. oooh i love news!!! will look on fb!!

  3. s'cuse me...did you say monstas, robots AND desserts??!!? clear a path, people...CLEAR A PATH!!! :) :) :)


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