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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dollies YUM! new elements challenge

are we ready for spring?

well why don't you swing on over to see what we've got cookin' up for you at Design Dollies?!

today brings you the first ELEMENTS CHALLENGE of the month...

we want to see some SUNSHINE in your creations! this can be in the form of a sun, a sunflower, or a sunset, or what have you, and this must be the main element of your project. PLUS, we want to see lots of YELLOW!

i'm personally tired of this snow, and am counting the days until SPRING finally arrives! it's been an unseasonably cold and icky winter in New Jersey, and i think we've gotten more ick here than i would have gotten living in Canada!

anywho. so, i made a card! (i still do that from time to time - ha ha ha!)

wanna see what the rest of the Dollies have done? CLICK HERE to see for yourself!

(our very own Adina-dollie has some blog candy up for grabs, folks! GO SEE!)

.... OH, and check my sidebar for the newest clue for our CONTEST at The TownScrapper! enter to win a very SPECIAL prize associated with the contest!


  1. such a cute card! i love your cards so much!!!!

  2. Love the card, and the sunflower!

  3. This is such a fabulous card! I totally love it! I am so ready for this suckage we call winter to be over!

  4. gorgeous!! Love the distressed edges and the sunflower detail! Hugs juls

  5. oh my goodness those lil sunflowers are a tugging at my heart strings!!! Love teh destressing and its cheeriness!

  6. Love, love, love your card. I sing that song all the time so I think I have to do a card with the same sentiment. :)

  7. Love those flowers....happy and sunny too.

  8. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! ooh♥OOH♥oOOooOooh!!! i am *SO* diggin' this sunshiney masterpiece! YEOWZA! how utterly FAB! (what kind of paper/fabric is the background and HOW have you got that fab swirly look onnit?! tell, tell!) LOVE THIS! ♥

  9. Hokai, so this is the CUTEST CARD EVER. Like, for real. I smiled immediately when I saw it, and then I wanted to reach inside my computer screen and touch it. Gorgeous details and sunshine and flowers! Great, great work. You win. *grin*


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