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Thursday, October 14, 2010


heya gang!
can't tell you how much i HATE laundry, and having to fold and put stuff away (the part where it's in the machines is just fine), but i can tell you how much i LOVED making this card, once i figured out what the heck i wanted to do with it!

there are TONS of fabulous tutorials and templates all over the intarwebs for creating cards with multiple folds. i've seen a quajillion of 'em. i've seen people make 'em. i've oohed and ahhed and wondered how on EARTH i could compete with that...

and Joanne decided to throw this one out there - i think her intention was to challenge ME, specifically. :)

we want to see MULTI-FOLDS at Charisma this week!

yep. more than just a crease in the middle of your paper, turning your paper into a card. the sky is TOTALLY the limit with this, and we have a couple of fabby sponsors...

The Cutting Cafe is giving one winner THREE digi sets of their choice, as well as the "You're in My Thoughts" set (it's HUGE)!
and Donna's Den will be sending Patchwork Polly to one lucky winner! sadly, their shop is now closed, but they offered to sponsor one last Charisma challenge and we're thrilled they did!

so. a Multi-Fold project, right?
how's this?

(gonna try taking a better pic if i can get home while it's still light out!)
you didn't think i'd do something, um, EXPECTED, did you? 'cuz that's SO not my style. but i knew i wanted to make a halloweenie card (although this turned out to be an anytime card), and when i pulled out these Sassafras Lass monsters, the idea for the arms just about knocked me over! see his little hands? those were really his; i just severed them from his body in order to give him some truly impressive limbs. ;)

do you remember making those little paper foldy chain things back in elementary school? (it may have actually been KINDERGARTEN for me!) well, they're back in. no, not in, like, a trendy way, but because i used the technique and made this card, and now you'll see it poppin' up everywhere. ;) of course i'm kidding, but it's a pretty handy technique, and SUCH an easy way to make a little 3-d embellie or customize an existing one. :D

so that's ONE way of approaching our Multi-Fold challenge at Charisma! click here to visit me and the rest of the Charisma Gals and to see what wonders they've created (breathtakingly gorgeous, i'll have you know!)... play along by next wednesday and maybe you'll be the winnah of one of those fabby prizes i mentioned above! either way, HAVE FUN! :D

decided to play along at Papertake Weekly for their "3 of a Kind" challenge (this post is scheduled, so i'll link to that one when i come home from another awesome work day!) :D


  1. Very cool - you're such a trend-setter, LOL!!

  2. Toooooooooooooooooooo cute!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the folded arms on the monster!! GENIUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. wow, I love your take on the theme! fab card Leah ;) Gemma x

  4. Severing hands, huh? You butcher you. I guess it's all good though 'cause I'm loving this card! It's funny, I actually saw this at Charisma first and, for a moment there, I thought you were cheating! It took me a minute to realize what the "more than one fold" was. Clever, girl!

  5. wow wow wow!!!!! such a brilliant interpritation on multi folds!!!!! Love all your gorgeous little monsters! such a fabulous card! Hugs Juls

  6. I totally remember making those chains in school! This is adorable! What a creative way to use paper folds on your card!

  7. HAHAHAH - you are hilarious. I love it! I made these all the time in school and guess what I did the same for one of my christmas cards last year except I severed santas legs off and gave him dangly ones. lol I just LOVE how you added the sign up there for him to hold. marvelous xxoo

  8. ;D UBER cool, girl!! Boy, I love your style!! And what's especialyy cool is that could be Halloween OR a boy birthday card - now THAT'S multitasking!!

  9. OMG Leah this is super duper!
    Lana x


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