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Sunday, October 10, 2010


and we're back with a vengeance, baby! AWWWWW YEEEAAAHHH.....

so we Nerdy Girls have a new challenge for you, and i've been waiting to share this one for a while! our October challenge pays homage to the nerds and geeks of the world, and, well, i'm all over that. :)

we are sponsored by BlueMoon Scrapbooking, who are giving away a fabby gorgeous bunch of goodness (see bottom of this post!)...

here's our inspiration for your crafting enjoyment... do with it what you will - just create ANYTHING that is inspired by this:

how much do you LURRRRRRVE those yummy colours? and i WANT that peacock shirt! well, i may not be uber-chic chick, but i do love all things NERDY, including, well.... (click to enlarge!)

a close-up of The Question (because i jumped at the chance, when our Headmistress, Lynnette, asked if i'd like to be a Nerdy Girl for NVS)

and the response:

it was a no-brainer!

i used the packaging from the candies that my BFF happened to buy for me the day i was working on my challenge, and i found these adorable Thumbs-Up paper clips on clearance at Wallyworld...

i used some fun masks, but wasn't happy with the way everything blended, so i outlined with a white gel pen and was MUCH happier with the result... i also thought the Scrabble tiles illustrated my nerdy word love (not sure if you've ever picked up on that, dear readers - i'm a bit of a grammar/language nazi).

anywho, there's our October challenge! and you could win....

SO, if you wanna win, come and play! but you MUST drop by whether you're inspired or not, because you HAVE to check out the amazing work by my fellow Nerdy Girls. they're just incredible, and i'm SO happy and honoured to be designing with them! GOOD LUCK! you have until October 31st to play. :)


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh I love love love that lo Leah!! LOVING the alphas! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Are you kiddin' me?? This is like my all-tiome favourite layout from you. Holy NERD batman, this rocks, left, right and center.
    Just about everything is wicked - the title, the strips of paper and that candy box....totally nerdified layout

  3. Okay, I'm seriously in love with this LO!! I've never seen those Nerds candy thingies but I love how you used the package on your page. Loving the misting too, and the white penwork just ROCKS. Big squishy hearts for this one xxx

  4. wicked LO Leah! So much cool detail!!! Robin

  5. wow wow wow!!!!! this is fabulous!!!!!! I love the colours! and the techniques you have used to create the background are just fab!!!! and I LOVE the big swirl! Hugs Juls

  6. ok, i love ♥EVERYTHING♥ about this... (including the hilarious paperclip AND the candy box used ON the lo!!!) ...but my "lightbulb moment" is the spray inked flourishes...ON KRAFT...outliiiiined (!!!) in white!!! AWE. SOME. ♥♥♥♥♥. (!!!)

  7. ps: why exactly is it that someone who knows and USES correct grammar, spelling and punctuation... and has the sense to cringe slightly when others do not do so... (& seemingly don't realize or care!) ...referred to as a "language nazi"??!?! i am puzzled; and perhaps chagrined! :) :) :)

  8. What an awesome LO! Love the little green thumbs up clip and the scrabble tile alphas...perfect!
    Thanks for sharing! :o)

  9. To me, this was one of the wisest layouts I've seen yet. The whole question including fricken scrabble tiles and the wise ass question answering the question I gave you "Does a kid love candy?" is too cute! Then, there's the thumb's up paper clip. However did you find that? And I won't forget to mention the package of Nerds you used on your layout. LOL All of this using the colors from the collage...did you notice how the flourish kind of resembles the peacock feathers too? This is awesome Leah!


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