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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the Some Odd Girl HOP has ended!

well, we hope you enjoyed the blog hop, everybody! lots of participation - we Odd Girls had fun selecting our faves from the term (it's nostalgic to go back through one's creations, and sometimes embarrassing!), and we hope you enjoyed our little game!

from my commenters, there were THREE people who got the correct answers for the stamps used on my cards! yep, just THREE! some of you were REALLY close, but maybe missed the secret stamp in #1, or confused the ornaments in #2 with other ornaments we offer at regardless, i enjoyed your comments, and now it's time to give you all the run-down!

here are the particulars...

card #1:

i used the Photo Kaylee set and the FRAME from Sweet Thinkin' Mae!


i used the Tree Trimming Kaylee set - which is, actually, currently SOLD OUT!
i swear it was there yesterday! :)


this, of course, is Gifty Gwen. the newest member of the Some Odd Girl family, and she's caused quite a stir! my first time playing with monochromatic that was NOT black and white, and i was thrilled with the results. kinda happy with my pleats, too! :) clearly, this girl ain't just for Christmas! in fact, i can totally see her holding a box of CHOCCIES, can't you?

and for my bonus!

that, dear friends, is the retired MINTY! so, so cute! and another fine example of why you should just GET something when you see it! you never know when it may disappear! ;) there were 4 people who guessed this one correctly. what's in store for our winners, Alex? well, there may just be a little something for ALL of 'em!

Mary Brockway!
Tracey Brossart!

send me a little email, ladies!
there's something sweet in it for you! :D

so you people who answered correctly, you know who you are! thank you to EVERYONE who played along, and be sure to check the Some Odd Girl blog at 9 am on Wednesday to see if you're one of our winners! there might be something else for you to see, too. we have SURPRISES in store for ya!

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  1. ahhhhha!!! I was wondering about that frame in #1.. and I totally confused the ornaments *hangs head in shame* I enjoyed the eye candy! ;) Beautiful projects!


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