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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

oh no you didn't! ANOTHER gorgeous Some Odd Girl release?!

it's time for more CLEAR STAMPS from Some Odd Girl!

seriously, i don't know how my Holmes does it - she's a busy little bee, and she never ceases to amaze! we Odd Girls are very proudly showing off THREE brand new clear stamp sets, and they're unbelievable! one you've seen sneakin' a bit here and there on our birthday celebration banner, and that's the one i'm showing you today, in all her glory. the other two will be spotted on the Some Odd Girl blog, as well as around the Odd Girls' casas, 'cuz we are TOTALLY loving on these new sets.

here's the reason:

(it's a big card, so click on her to enlarge)

check out our girl, Birthday Mae (who's available NOW at!), up close:

i love love LOVE her little dress and hairband, and that sassy little pose! the girl is READY to party. oh yeah.

but mostly, i'm digging on the fantastic CANDLE stamp... it's 3 candles in a row, and the very first idea i had when i opened my package filled with SOGgy goodness was that i NEEDED to use the candles as a border or background. LOVE them!

we are also excited to show off two other Maes... a Baker and a Cupcake girl! go check them out HERE, and drop by the Some Odd Girl blog to see if YOU were one of the lucky winners of our blog hop! three lucky people will be getting one of these new pretties delivered to their mailboxes! :D


  1. Totally loving all the layers of different papers. And the candles. And a dress with sprinkles. How perfecto! :) xx


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