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Monday, January 16, 2012

annnnnnd it's another SOGgy hop!

morning, friends! it's a bank holiday here for me, and i am THRILLED to have the day off so i can do some catching up. hubbin is going to the 76ers game in Philly this afternoon, and i think i may just be doing a bit of pre-CHA shoppin'! :D stoked, i tell you!

i'm also stoked because we have SO many exciting things going on at Some Odd Girl right now, and today we are thrilled to kick off the whole week of celebrations!

that's right! Some Odd Girl will be 2 YEARS OLD on Wednesday, so we are introducing a brand new digi (that we're letting you name!), and we're partying today and tomorrow with...


if you've already started hopping, you have arrived here from Corry's blog. if you're just happening by, you'll want to START HERE and make sure not to miss any stops along the way!

each of the Odd Girls is showcasing their three favourite SOGgy creations during their term, but there's a CATCH!! not only do you get to feast your eyes on all kinds of tasty craftiness from our girls, but we are inviting you to leave comments that tell us exactly which stamps/digis were used to create them! Sound like fun? Well we promise not to include any retired stamps from, so if you're not sure about the name of a particular stamp (or set), just pop on over to the store to find it!

are you up for this little game? we hope you'll enjoy it, and we KNOW you're going to love seeing all our faves from this term.

random winners will chosen out of the correct answers to win 1 of the 3 brand new Birthday Celebration Clear Stamp Sets! 3 winners! and just WAIT until you get a load of these new sets (there's a sneak in the logo above). you have two days to hop along with us, and be sure to leave lots of love on each Odd Girl's blog for more chances to win!

Leah (that's me - yay!)

are you ready? i'll also give you a little hint! there may be some small details in my cards that will require you to look a little harder in the store. ;) i like to mix my sets! just sayin'...

here are my 3 faves since our August term kicked off, in no particular order....



and #3

and i'm throwing this one in for good measure, so if you guess the name of this RETIRED digi, i will send you an extra little something! (if you can't get this one, you'll still be entered to win by getting the first 3 correct!)

#4 (bonus)

......ready? set? HOP!


  1. That pink cards is my fav...lovely!!!

    1. Photo Kaylee
    2. Tree trimming Kaylee
    3. Gifty Gwen
    4. Minty

  2. meep meep!!
    LOVED pouring over your four creations Leah. I'm glad you're not making us choose favorites, it would be nearly impossible!
    My best guesses are:
    #1: Photo Kaylee
    #2: Holiday Ornaments
    #3: Gifty Gwen
    #4: peppersweetie (yeah.. I have no clue and am making up words here.. lol)

  3. 1.Photo Kaylee
    2. Three trimming Kaylee
    3. Gifty Gwen

  4. Lovely cards, especially tho monochromatic pink one.
    My guess for the stamps is Photo Kaylee, Tree Trimming Kaylee and Gifty Gwen.

  5. 1. Photo Kaylee
    2. the orniments from Tree Trimming Kaylee
    3. Gifty Gwen
    4. Yea no clue hahahaaaaaa

  6. I love all of these, but my fav is the "with love"!

  7. Your cards are wonderful!
    1.) Photo Kaylee
    2.) Tree Trimming Kaylee
    3.) Gifty Gwen

  8. Totally love your fun style! Love the colors! Alright, first is Photo Kaylee, Second is from Tree Trimming Kaylee, Third is Gifty Gwen, the bonus, I can't seem to place. I hope I still got the first three!

  9. These cards are just so adorable Leah. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

    x0, Damaris

    Happy Birthday SOC!!

  10. lovely cards...

    1. Photo Kaylee
    2. Tree Trimming Kaylee
    3. Gifty Gwen
    4. this is a guess...Sweetie

    thanks for sharing..

  11. 1. Camera Kaylee
    2. Tree trimming Kaylee
    3. Gifty Gwen

    Beautiful cards! Love how unique they are!

    No clue on the last - I'll just say candy Pop!!

  12. 1. Photo Kaylee
    2. the ornaments from the Tree Trimming Kaylee set
    3. Gifty Gwen
    4. Minty

  13. Fab cards. My guess is Photo Kaylee, Tree Trimming Kaylee and Gifty Gwen.

  14. WOW these are all lovely, Really love the pink one.

    1. Photo Kaylee

    2. Tree Trimming Kaylee

    3. Gifty Gwen

    4. Dont have a clue but guessing Sweetie.

    Love Hazelxox

  15. Great job with your guesses are

    1) Photo kaylee
    2) Tree trimming Kaylee
    3) gifts gwen

    So can not remember the bonus choice !

  16. Leah, I love your gorgeous cards! Beautiful and stunning!

    My answers are: Kaylee
    2. The ornaments from Tree Trimming Kaylee
    3. Gifty Gwen
    4. Not sure but maybe it's Sweet Candy

  17. You stumped me with the retired stamp but I think I figured out the rest!

    1: Photo Kaylee
    2: Tree trimming Kaylee
    3: Gifty Gwen

  18. Thanks for the inspiration! I love the round card :)
    #1 Photo Kaylee
    #2 Tree trimming Kaylee
    #3 Gifty Gwen
    #4 Can't make it! Happy to here which it is ;)

  19. Amazing cards!
    1. Photo Kaylee
    2 Tree Trimming Kaylee
    3.Gifty Gwen
    No clue on last one.

  20. 1. Photo Kaylee
    2. ornaments from Tree Trimming Kaylee
    3. Gifty Gwen

    Beautiful cards! TFS! ;)

  21. photo kaylee and sweet thinkin' mae
    tree trimming kaylee
    gifty gwen

    very cute cards!

  22. I love that Christmas card with the bright colors! I see Photo Kaylee, Tree Trimming Kaylee, and Gifty Gwen.

  23. Oh boy do I love your creations... I would have a tough time picking a fav!!
    #1 - Photo Kaylee... inspired me to use this set!! Such a fun card!
    #2 - The sentiment is from Tree Trimmin Kaylee #3 - Gifty Gwen .. I just love the monochrome colouring on this as well as the LO!
    #4 what a cute card... I can't find that gorgeous sweetie in the store! was it an older image or a freebie sometime?

  24. #1 - Photo Kaylee
    #2 - Tree trimming Kaylee
    #3 - Gifty Gwen
    bonus - I tried but can't find it anywhere :(

  25. Oh, WOW! Lovin' the pink-toned card! Super SWEET! And you've used Photo Kaylee, Tree Trimming Kaylee and Romantic Gwen with a little side-bonus of Minty! ***winks*** Hopping on!

  26. Card 1
    Photo Kaylee plus Sweet Thinkin' Mae frame around "smile"

    Card 2
    Holiday Ornaments (or Ornaments With Frame) digital stamp repurposed into wreath, plus text "Deck the Halls" from Tree Trimming Kaylee

    Card 3
    Gifty Gwen

    Card 4
    You've got me stumped. It's part of her food line, there was cupcake, lollie, nana split... I'll give a guess - candie

  27. Wow, all these cards are gorgeous as well as the stamps you used. I think they are:

    1 Photo Kaylee
    2 the baubles from the set Tree Trimming Kaylee
    3 Gifty Gwen

    Hugs, Hanneke

  28. 1. Photo Kaylee
    2. Not sure on this one but think maybe you've layered up the elements from the Holiday Ornaments digi?
    3. Gifty Gwen
    4. I can't find this one in the shop :(

    Gorgeous cards though! :) Thanks for the hop!

    Stephanie-Emma xxx

  29. Leah....your cards are so beautiful.

    The stamps are:
    1. Photo Kaylee
    2. sorry Leah, I have no idea...
    3. Gifty Gwen
    4. sweetie minty (not

    Thanks for sharing


  30. I'm not sure if this is in the correct place, but the stamps are
    1. Photo Kaylee and Frame from Sweet Thinking Mae
    2. Baubles from Deck the Halls
    3. Gifty Gwen

    and I love them all!

  31. All are Super cute!!!
    1st card: Photo Kaylee & Sweet Thinkin' Mae
    2nd card: Tree Trimming Kaylee
    3rd card: Gifty Gwen

  32. Gorgeous creations Leah!! LOVE!!

    Happy 2nd Birthday to SOG!!

    Crafty Hugs!

  33. Leah, I always think your cards are SO CUTE! I'm excited for a chance to win at this hop!

    You've used stamps: Photo Kaylee, Tree trimming Kaylee, Gifty Gwen and you've stumped me with the bonus one!

  34. #1 - Photo Kaylee set and the frame stamp from the Sweet Thinkin' Mae set.
    #2 - Baubles from the Tree Trimming Kaylee set.
    #3 - Gifty Gwen
    Hope I got these right! ^_^
    I give up for the bonus one!! : (

  35. super cute love the candy card! amazing job!! Happy 2nd bday!
    #1 Photo Kaylee ?
    #2 Holiday Ornaments
    #3 Gifty Gwen

  36. Great hop! And such fun card choices!

    Card #1: Photo Kaylee
    Card #2: Ornaments from "Tree Trimming Kaylee"
    Card #3: Gifty Gwen
    Card #4: Retired Minty

    xx Tracey xx

  37. Love your cards...I featured your sweet "Smile" card over at Paper Issues:)


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