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Friday, September 11, 2009

another Sketchy Thursday!

i'm rather impressed to have completed a sketch challenge only the DAY after it's been posted. that kinda stuff just DOESN'T happen around here these days.

but, lucky for me, hubbin is in a wedding party, and a good chunk of this week has been spent in preparation for his friend's big day tomorrow. sadly, i don't think i can avoid attending, although i'd MUCH rather spend tomorrow by myself, playing with some new challenges and new challenge sites, as well as making sure all my bloggy stuff is done well in advance. i don't think hubbin wants to attend this wedding by himself though. :) wait, i think *cough cough* that i might *cough* be coming down with something... is that a bead of sweat on my brow? am i catching a fever?

alas, we've got most of tomorrow already accounted for, but i at least got to play a little last night, and tonight.

for Diana's sketch this week, i finally chopped up a piece of this funky lego-type paper i've had for MONTHS. when i saw the sketch,

i had no clue what i wanted to do. but then i was organizing some papers into my new portable 12x12 storage bin thingy, and rediscovered this:

it's old K & Company paper from the Urban Rhapsody line, and i loved it so much, i scooped up 7 sheets of the stuff. then i proceeded to HOARDE it, as i am wont to do.

but tonight i made a card using this (questionably) amazing paper, replacing the floral border with my lego stuff instead. :) i even busted out my white chipboard Thickers, because as long as i have at least ONE piece of out the pack, i don't need to covet the Thickers anymore. oh, and the image is Felix Ketto, from Stamping Bella. i am all about the Kettos. oh yeah, so the card. here ya go:

so have a great weekend, folks. it's been horribly rainy the last two days in south jersey, and i'm crazy-achy. but i get to make coffee-themed cards on thursday to sell in the little cafe downtown. i apologize in advance for the bazillion coffee cards you'll likely be seeing over the next handful of days. later, taters!


  1. Love it! Love your little kitten and the way you did the swirl with pearls!
    Kim xXx
    I've got candy up on my blog!

  2. Great Kitty card and props on the same-day participation! I actually did the same thing and usually I'm fighting to do mine last minute. Bummer on the wedding, been there, done that!

  3. gorgeous!! Love the swirl of pearls!!


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