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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

oh, happy happy mail day!

so much lovely happy news today!
first, a package that was addressed incorrectly from England arrived! my fab penpal's sister knits, BEAUTIFULLY, and had offered to make me a teddy. well she apologized for taking so long (!!!), and threw in a little something extra as well. BEHOLD, the wonderful artistry of Denise:

aren't they GORGEOUS?! the armwarmers are so UNBELIEVABLY ME!! i love them! and quite frankly, i believe that if it's art, there's no time limit. and it's always worth waiting for! she did a wonderful job, and i'm just so happy the package arrived, as her ditzy sister (love her!) gave her the wrong address. i live on Michael Rd, not HAONTON Rd! in Hammonton, NJ. silly, silly girl!

THEN, i got a little envelope from Australia, and i could only think of ONE person who might have sent it...
this is what arrived:

THANK YOU, KAREN! :) you shouldn't have! Karen won my blog candy last month, and she thanked me with a fabulous card and goodies! SO SWEET!

and i also received an order i placed with Endless Memories, a little store i found through a google search. the service was wonderful and the shipping was SUPER speedy! Sandra has great prices, so drop by her shop to see for yourself!

annnnnnd, there's another little something in the works, but i won't say anything until it's all finalized. just a quick little shout-out to my new Canadian friend - HI KIM! :)

happy hump day, everyone! now if i could kick this pesky migraine that's been lingering since monday.....


  1. Yes, I would say a very happy mail day! I love everything you posted here!
    Kim xXx

  2. Score Trix! You must have been nice to your mailman today! :)

  3. Hope you can use some of the orange goodness xx


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