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Sunday, September 13, 2009

i'm on a mishun.

the cafe downtown has already agreed to start carrying my cards, so i'm building up my inventory for appropriate ones to put in a box and haul over. HOWEVER, this saturday is "Green Day" - they're doing a big push for the environment in our revitalized downtown core. my "mishun" is to create at least 10 to 12 cards that are all made of recycled or organic materials. i need to have these done by friday (ideally thursday night), so that means the hubbin will be supporting my hobby a little more than usual. ;)

i used a sketch:

for this week's challenge at Stamptacular Sunday... it's my first time playing over there, and i thought the sketch was a nice CAS (clean and simple) one to use for a series. i may go even simpler for the rest of the batch though, so i can mass-produce (never been one of my fortes).

oh, almost forgot. the card!

the base is recycled paper, the background cardstock and patterned papers are from a wedding favour box and invitation, and i used hemp for the paper flower centers. the picture is slightly blurry because my camera is being a spoiled brat. there you have it.

how many posts in one day are too many? shall i shoot for three? four?


  1. I think your CAS is fabulous! When you say mass producing, I get nervous for you. Have fun and good luck. I hope you do well in your new venture!
    Kim xXx

  2. Wow what exciting news! Good luck with the mass producing, I'm still practicing lol. I find old packaging is a good way to recycle too :) Have fun xx oh and no such thing as too many posts :)

  3. Pretty! Love the blue! I would buy it. :-)


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