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Friday, September 18, 2009

oh yeah, it's friday all right.

and i'm FEELIN' the burn! gettin' my craft on this weekend! it started last night with a few more "green" cards:

(recycled paper, reused ribbon and box from wedding favour, image from art museum brochure when we went to the exhibit last year)

(recycled paper, cardboard from coffee snug, paint swatch)

(image from a sheet of postage stamps, paint swatch and recycled paper, plus the silver/foil is piece of a lid from a takeout order)

i feel like that last one needs a charm or something hanging from the hemp, but that really isn't the point of making green cards, right?

and i jumped into something today that is very new to me... SCRAPPIN'. it's a scrapbook page of sorts - more like an art journal for myself - but i don't think i've ever stuck my mug on anything before, so it qualifies, right?! RIGHT?! :)

okay, so the September crop is underway in my CafeMom group (i can't believe it's been a month already!), and while i was a smidgen intimidated by this challenge, i had to go for it. it's a letter to the self - taking an old pic (the top one's about 15 years old) and a new pic (yesterday!), and writing to encourage the old self. kind of an "if i knew then what i know now" type of deal, with words of wisdom to perhaps get the old self through some difficult times. and we had to use PAINT. mmmm, paint. so here's my first true attempt at a scrappy page, using real photos and everything!

here's what the journalling says (OMG, JOURNALLING!)...


PEACE. you will find it eventually. it will be beautiful! and you'll finally be comfortable with the person you are.

LISTEN when people tell you that you are a good person, a good friend, and a good mother.

LAUGH when it hurts so much, and all you really want to do is CRY.

CREATE. when you finally find an outlet, it will bring relief and make you feel good about yourself. it will feel incredible! INDULGE it!

LIVE. it's called LIFE for a reason. don't just sit there, go out and enjoy it!


this is page one in an art/scrap journal to myself. i heart Sheer Delights.

tonight, all by my lonesome, and i plan to get supah-crafteh. and tomorrow, my fab dollie, Adina will be joining me for a full day of it! we have lots of challenges on which we must get cracking, because, well, there's big news!


  1. You sure did get the burn on. Girl, did you sleep at all! I can't choose a favorite...they are ALL fantastic! That layout is gorgeous!!!! The green cards are great! I want your mojo to flow my way!
    Kim xXx

  2. This is freaky-weird. I was just crafting a page in my art journal - a letter to my teenage self! Then, I find this blog, because you commented on my blog...and the "other" commenter has the same name as I do do do....I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I'll be back...

  3. wow!! this collection is just amazing!! and so fab you have used all recycled stuff!!


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