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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i'm feeling sketchy!

and it's not even thursday..... :)

Diana and Heidi have some fabby things going on over at Sketchy Thursdays, and there are still a couple of days for you to play along with the current sketch! i stared at this thing for WAY too long before i finally figured out what i wanted to do with it. thank you, Basic Grey!

here's my card:

the sketch:

is the sketch not utterly fabulous? yes, i thought you'd agree!

before i head back to work, i'd like to remind you to have a little clicky on the top blinkie on my sidebar, or on the sticky header at the top of my blog... we've got many surprises in store for you! :D


  1. How stinkin' cute is that! Love it!! And can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

  2. Love that sentiment and then the graphics you paired with it. Very fun and cute!

  3. OMG that card is fab!!

    And, no, I don't know Charlie the Unicorn...only Pablo the Unicorn. Please enlighten me!!

  4. Coming back to gush about this card again. I would love to get this one in the mail any day!!

    Oh, and my sides currently HURT from laughing so hard at Charlie. The joy and joyness of it!!

    Heidi - Sketchy Thursdays


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