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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

getting up to date here...

well i made these a while ago, but they were projects for the Shoe challenges, so they've been hiding in a folder on my desktop for a few weeks. :)

monday's challenge was all about DOTS, so i loaded up my card with 'em:

and the following was to be for a sketch that the lovely Miss Adina provided, but of course i don't have the sketch saved to my desktop... maybe she'll help me out with this. :)
anyway, the hat is a little unruly, and it just did NOT want to stick to that brown glittery paper, even with the glossy accents! i'm still on the hunt for the perfect adhesive.

the cute girl, by the way, is actually one side of a clothing tag that came with a shirt i bought a few weeks ago. the girl on my ketchup card was the sticker on the other side. :)


  1. wow!! These are gorgeous!! Love the image on the first card! very stylish!!

    and Love the bling of the 2nd card!!

  2. Loving these :)
    Have you tried Pritt Power Gel? I use it for everything and it's brilliant.


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