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Monday, September 28, 2009

cards for the troops

a friend in my Cafe Mom group (well it's not my group, but i'm one of the administrators there) is doing a card drive for the troops. her son has been deployed and she wants to send a bunch of cards for our heroes to be able to send mail back home to their loved ones. i'm sending out some 25 cards, including these that i made on saturday before i had to get ready for our gig:

i'd love to show you what else i worked on this weekend, but i CAN'T! they're surprises! :D

i did get ahead with some Design Dollies challenges, and we're RARIN' TO GO! can't wait for our launch this thursday, and you REALLY should be following, so you'll have a shot at some YUMMY candy!

and i got to play with my first HUMBLE PIE image and i can't wait to show you! they are absolutely ADORABLE, and i'm so excited to be a Humble Pie Baker! :D

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  1. That birdie is so stinkin' cute. Love it! And man you've been busy! :) Can't wait to seeeeeee!!!!


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