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Thursday, September 24, 2009

when it rains, it pours!

it's a good thing i LOVE the rain!

big news for me today, as everything has been confirmed and i can spill the beans! in addition to launching the Design Dollies challenge blog on October 1st (aren't you following yet?! what are you waiting for?!)... i have been invited by the very sweet KIM, of Kim's Kreative Korner to join the Design Team for Humble Pie Stamps! what an absolute honour! and a fun bunch of canadian gals, to boot! WOOT!

i have some work to do, as i will be sharing the task of Blog Manager with the sweet and very talented Tricia - we have a week to build this blog up, and make it something FABULOUS!

there are a few things that i could say about all of this, but the first thing that comes to mind is "HOLY WOWZA, my wish list has just grown exponentially!"

let's celebrate! :D

oh, and we have a show this saturday night (you know i'm in a band, right?), and last night's rehearsal went WONDERFULLY, despite my migraine that lasted throughout the whole day. crazy south jersey weather can't make up its mind. MEH.

now, back to work. and emails. LOTS and LOTS of emails! ciao, chickens!


  1. Congrats! Have fun with all that designing...and break a leg at the show! (wait, do you say that for musicians, too?)

  2. Hey, hey, hey, congrats to you! You very talented lady! and I love your dollie up there too! I know that was fun to create! Good luck at the show!
    Kim xXx


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