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Thursday, September 24, 2009

well yay - problem solved!

i can see followers now! which means YOU CAN FOLLOW! follow me here, and come on over to Design Dollies to follow there too, and you'll see what's up our sleeves for our big launch on October 1st!

and since you've already had a little glimpse, i thought i'd show you my little creation. we decided we needed our own personal "dollies" to represent us on the header. i have been obsessing over the idea of actual jointed paper dolls for a while, and jumped at the opportunity. here's Dollie Me:

if you've never made one of these before, i HIGHLY recommend it! my hat, body and limbs come mostly from National Geographic mags, with hands/gloves from a Trader Joe's bag, a little extra lace on the cuffs, plus the flowers and a couple of strands of pearls from my stash. the roller skates were totally separate but fit PERFECTLY! i couldn't resist. and the head... well that's me. hee hee. my face is a little washed out, so my Dollie, Kristy (aka Holmes) fixed me up all good-like so it looks better on the blog. thanks, shoog!

yep, so, still busy, but clearly not too busy to post in my blog(s). :D


  1. Exactly HOW are you so creative??!! I'm in awe.

  2. Kissypoo Trixie!!! Still amazing and I'm totally grateful to be your dollie!


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