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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Creative Type prevented me from hittin' the hay...

and i HAD to do something with this when i saw the challenge.

i discovered The Creative Type tonight whilst checking out LiveJournal. i perused the site a little, and LOVED the concept - the challenges and prompts are TYPOGRAPHY-based. not only do i love my Dymo Label Buddy, but i have a ton of alphas and vintage papers and fun script pages and stamps that should help me through the challenges quite nicely. (Lauren, you may want to check it out - seems right up your alley!)

tonight, i opted for a sheet of yummy Prima Paintables with florals and lots of text on it (although it's hard to see, except for the small torn strips on the side, as i covered the page with gesso and glimmer misted the bajeebus out of it), and used up lots of leftover random alphas, plus some from the Basic Grey EERIE collection (the word HEAL).

here's the challenge - they went NEUTRAL, so i went with mono grey.

here's what i came up with (and i IMPLORE you to click the images for a much better peek):

oh, i can tell you right now, you'll be seeing MUCH more gesso in future creations here - it was my first time playing with it, and i can't believe i waited so long! it's FABULOUS.

right. so i'm seriously going to bed at 4 am. wonder how yoga will go in 6 hours...

(p.s. - looking at it now, the colours are a little off in the photo - the greys in the paper and photo blend much better, one is no cooler or warmer than the other. weird!)


  1. wow-great layout! glad you were inspired by the creative type-and Lara-she is just fabuolous!

  2. Oh, it's awesome! I love the title work and mono.

  3. oh are you KIDDING me??!!!!!! this is my most fave thing of yours ever. this is amazing. you are a TRUE artiste!!! i'm inspired to break out my gesso now. i have been stuck for days on a prompt and i think you may have just inspired me out of my mojo funk! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo thanks!!!

  4. p.s. thanks for the tip on the creative type. soooooooo coool!!!

  5. Oh that is just Fantabulous!!! I must get my hands on some gesso. Thanks for teh the link to the creative type!!

  6. lol - yes she is called popcorn - you can see a pic of her in a basket on my facebook page - ruth gedalovitch! Just as sweet as popcorn too! Great name for a cat - can you imagine me calling that in the back garden??? Even worse, her brother is called Pickles! rx

  7. thanks for the kind words :)
    made my day - FOR REAL!
    love the gesso and love the little scrap of text layered beneath! so happy you found the creative type - i love their concept as well!

  8. wow!! this is just so stunning! I love the monochrome look! and the slightly distressed feel you have created here to! Hugs Juls

  9. Leah, this is brilliant! Great job... always happy to find another blog to add to my overstuffed reader! :)

  10. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't know what i'm more excited about--the card or the fact that there's a weekly challenge site devoted to using typefaces??!? ok, actually, that's an EASY one, i am defo gonna check the site & i'm sure i'll like it but ♥LOVE♥ the card right now in a BIG, biiiiiiiiiiiig way!!! ♥♥♥ (gesso *AND* pom pom tom kean would say...perfect togevver!!!)

  11. Hey, I like that beep..."BEEEEEEEEEP!"
    I think this is all over wonderful Leah. Happy happies.

  12. Gesso is one of my very favorite things to use, love this page, just gorgeous. great work! - dani (the creative type)


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