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Thursday, January 7, 2010


this one was SO much fun! our fabulous in-house artiste extraordinaire, Kristy-Dollie, has drawn her winner for the December sketch challenge prize, AND we have the new sketch challenge posted!

CHECK IT OUT HERE - and play along!

first of all, here's the prize you'll be playing for this month:

(not to mention the prizes for the Colors and Elements challenges!)

you can do the challenges individually, or, once the Sketch is revealed on THURSDAYS, you can combine any or all of them to play for all the prizes we're offering up!

anywho, if you want more details, check 'em all out HERE - the whole lowdown on how to combine our challenges can be found in one happy place.


here's our newest sketch:

(that girl has a sense of humour, i tell ya!)

and i had a little cardy fun with it, natch!

i do like this Gorjuss Girl a lot - she's probably my favourite of their stamps!

anywho... check out what the other Dollies have done with this awesome sketch, and play with us! YOU KNOW YOU WANNNNNNNNNA!

you have until next wednesday at midnight EST to link up to our pal, Mr. Linky (but if you're doing the trifecta and combining our challenges this week, you MUST do it by this SUNDAY at midnight EST).

have fun!


  1. Love the sketch...your card is a terrific take on it! you rocked it dollie! Love your gorjuss girl too. I had a pouty 5 year old little man about 5 hours ago, would have been perfect for him.
    Kim xXx

  2. Karmie I love the card. It's too cute! Miss ya at CNC.

  3. I love your card, Leah! You did a great job with the sketch.

  4. I can just see her stamping her foot, too!

  5. Fab!! Love the sentiment, it goes so perfectly with the image! gorgeous! Hugs juls

  6. Aww, this is so flippin' cute. The sentiment is perfect. I honestly don't think I could work with those need patience I just don't have. They sure are cute though.

    ~leaving a smutch trail all the way outta here~

  7. Ooh I love what you did! I am going to have to play along too I think. As soon as I saw the sketch I had in my mind what I wanted to do. I love how you find all these challenge blogs I've never heard of! And you get so much done! You go!

  8. Adorable card Leah! love your sentiment text!


  9. Super excited to hear you like my Marionette doll in the Store Kit! My favoritest image I've ever created! So fun and quarkie, which is so me! LOL...

  10. Hi Leah, just seen your comment on my Snowbound post on the Craft Stamper blog....we are in Malvern, Worcestershire, England...but very spookily I used to live in Exton PA just up the road from you 16 years ago!

    That is my fave gorjuss girl too by the way. I just love her attitude!

  11. Lol, you guys know how to deal with snow...I can remember being pregnant sitting in my rocking chair by the fire...and being totally snowed in...snow blew against the storm door so we couldn't open it...luckily the boot room door opened inwards!!! even so the snow was over a foot deep on our deck! No one knows about snow ploughs and tyre chains here so everything grinds to a halt!..or bumps into other things!

    We moved back here coz we came from here moved out to USA on sebatical but the business wasn't all it was cracked up to be..(sorry to say glass was less than half full if you can understand the joke?)...have to say I miss the cinnamon buns (there was a really good one in the Exton mall, served all my preggy cravings), drive through banking, predictable weather, craft shops!! to name but a few!....

  12. OK, CHILL! I'm here, OK? (sigh) Some people are just so impatient.

    But, seriously, it's a very cool card. Very expressive.

    Chris xx


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