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Saturday, January 23, 2010

an ode to dark roast done right.

well, it's quite simple, actually.
i've been a coffee drinker for a number of years, but to be honest, i never brewed my own; i bought the scrummy gourmet kind when i went to cute little coffeehouses to hang out with my chickens.

but since moving to NJ, i have discovered something wonderful: WAWA. they have THE BEST dark roast coffee, and nobody can compete, as far as i'm concerned. i was never a big fan of Tim Horton's coffee when i lived in Canada, i've never actually ENJOYED Starbucks (although Seattle's Best is pretty nifty), and Dunkin' Donuts and 7-11 frequently BURN their coffee, or just can't quite get it down pat.

WaWa, however, has NEVER given me a bad cup o'joe. for that, WaWa, i salute you!

this here layout (is it a layout if it doesn't include photos?) is for the challenge at Paper Play - they called for handwriting on your projects. i've never been embarrassed to hand write sentiments - i blame the year and a half of drafting i took in college, where it always had to be PERFECT. it's not perfect now, but it'll do, pig. :)

and Die Cut Dreams has a RECYCLE IT challenge, so i decided to make good use of my coffee snugs (appropriate, no?). i use these things quite often when i'm creating, as i just LURRRRVE the corrugated or dotty textures and that shabby look. the logos i used come from discarded coffee cups.

side note: when i make my own coffee, i ONLY buy from Trader Joe's. i've tried several different kinds from TJ's, but my favourite is their new "Joe" brand, which is wonderfully cheap (!!!) and plenty tasty!

happily, my migraine disappeared this afternoon, once i was able to stomach a piece of toast and a cup o'Joe (the Joe brand). it was a fabulous workday, i got TONS accomplished, and while hubbin and i didn't get to Jo-Ann tonight because The Son's plans went a little wonky, we still had a nice night to ourselves and went out for tacos. life is good.


  1. I am sitting here giggling -- LAYOUTS! The girlfriend is doing layouts . . . . and they are AWESOME!

  2. Fantastic recycling project! I'm so glad you joined the DCD challenge this week and good luck.

  3. Bwah! Too this!

  4. Leah, this is AWESOME! I love the wit and the pictures - they tell a funny story and so delightful! ;D

  5. I love it! Scrapping doesn't have to be all pictures just bits and pieces of you!

  6. OK, I really do love this!!! Great page, great colors and as a coffee addict myself, great topic! mwah!

  7. Great recycling, thanks for joining us at DCD.

  8. such a fun layout!!! you do make me laugh!! gorgeous work as always! hugs Juls

  9. Super layout its wonderful, great recycling too! Thankyou for joining in the DCD challenge this week.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx

  10. From one coffee lover to another.... love your LO.
    Thanks so much for playing along with Paperplay this week.

  11. Fab page, I'm another coffee addict so great topic.
    Thanks for joining us at Paper Play
    hugs Mandy xx

  12. Brilliant project and super recycling Leah, thanks for the giggle along the way and thank you for joining us at Die Cut Dreams.
    Nicola -x-

  13. adding this to "QUICK LIKE A BUNNY", i now think you maaaayyyy just be my mother in an online disguise! sorry, that's REALLY obscure, but she is OBSESSED with wawa coffee and waxes poetical about it for at least a few minutes each day! :) (fyi--she likes acme's store brand for home brewing porpoises--of course IF THAT'S YOU, MOM, then you already know BUT i have proved i actually DO occasionally listen, don't i??!?! HA!)

    i ♥LOVE♥ this fabulously awesome LO: the subject, the colors, the amazingly great & dynamic placement of the "visual triangle", your handwriting, the DIVINE corrugated cardboard...i could go on, but i think you get the gist... ♥

    (ps: you have a photo...2 actually...they are of coffee & the 7-11 logo, but still... :)


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