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Thursday, January 21, 2010

see that little blinkie at the left?

the one that says "yns is the place to be"?
well that's because the Your Next Stamp blog hop has begun today, and there are tons of yummy items on sale at the store, and they have HEAPS of fun going on!

since the themes of the new Fhiona and Fhinn stamp sets are vacation and music, they've asked their followers (and players on the blog hop) to let the blogosphere know about their favourite vacation spots or their favourite bands...

i am a musician, so music is a HUGE part of my life. it's hard to pick just one favourite, but i think the band i FIRST fell in love with, and the band that has always earned its way into my cd player over the years - they should get top billing here.

yeah, so it's these guys:

(depeche mode - SWOON)

i've been a die-hard modehead since i was 9 years old (i swear - my uncle was listening to the BEST radio station, and i got hooked early!), and while i don't like a LOT of their newer stuff quite as much, they still make my heart swell when i hear them or when i remember their concerts i've attended.

oh, to meet Martin Gore. egads, can that man write a song.

enjoy the Your Next Stamp blog hop, and i'll be back in a little bit with new Design Dollies challenges!

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  1. Cool! I love DM! Thanks for sharing your story.


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