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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pink Elephant SPEEDY POST!

gotta hurry, 'cuz hubbin and i are playing a gig tonight for a cd release party (we're track #1 on the compilation), and i MUST get prettified and drink my hot tea!

so, quick like a bunny!

this one's for the Sketch Challenge at The Pink Elephant this week... here's the card:

i used some fun rubons that i nabbed from Mandy at Limelight and a few scraps of paper i had in my stash (the kraft is even a leftover piece, and the card opens sideways).

here's the sketch:

decided to stick to the sketch and go fairly simple, as most of my stuff has been rather, um, BUSY lately. :) a nice change for today.

back later, or tomorrow!


  1. aw how cute are those little birdies!

  2. this is very groovy!!! Love the bright colours!! Hope your gig goes well, be thinking of you rocking the night away!!....P.S is there any end to your talent???!!! My musical abilities are non existent! Hugs Juls

  3. Just adoring the birdies!! Great sentiment!!

  4. love it!!your cards are always gorgeous!

  5. I love love love your card...the color combo is 2 die 4!! Right up my color alley!!

    Thanks for joining us this week for some TPE fun!!!

    Pink Hugs, LORi

  6. yeah a great card - love how you have used our Pink Elephant sketch. Hope the gig went well.
    Ann xxx

  7. Great card! So cute. Neat what you did with that sketch

  8. aren't you a funny one! lol just for that i'll send you a hair thingie lol just email me your addy!

  9. Love it dah-link! Those little birdies are too cute and all the pinks and greens are just yummmmm!
    Have fun at the big gig!
    Kim xXx

  10. That card is so cute! And I think it would be wonderful if you came up for CKC Buffalo. Curtis' mom is going and maybe a couple of her friends from the Utica area. And yes, def. count me in the Syracuse thing if you find out more about it. I may be broke at that point but hey, I'm a really good window shopper. ;)

  11. oooooooooooooooh SO pretty and light and fun and ♥FAB♥! (& i'm NOT just sayin' that cuz it's pink & blingy w/little birds onnit, honest!!!) :)

    (ps: you are the only person outside my family i've ever heard say, "quick like a bunny" fact of recent years i thought that MIGHT be a family saying, and not a bona fido expression!) ♥

  12. oh, i absolutely love this. i love the colors!!!!!

  13. GREAT colours!! I am in the mood for bright.

    Chris xx


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