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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SOME ODD GIRL launches today with a big SALE!

this is the moment i've been waiting for - the idea started up MONTHS ago, and today,


my fellow Design Dollie, and wonderful friend Kristy has created a brand new website for DIGITAL STAMPS, and i think it's FANTASTIC! you know i love the images because you've seen a couple of them already, and i promise you'll be seeing more!

the LAUNCH SALE begins today with the grand opening of the store! EVERYTHING is on sale for 25% off, and if you buy 5 items, you get a 50% off coupon for your next one! the sale is running through January 23rd, so check out all the goodies!

lemme tell ya, as far as QUALITY goes, these digis print BEAUTIFULLY. clean, solid lines, lots of fun to colour with any medium!

go visit my sweet Kristy-Dollie at SOME ODD GIRL and see what all the hubbub's about! :D


  1. Hey hunny! If you scroll to the bottom of the fairies page you'll see a link for 'free stuff for fans' and they're all in there. Done another 2 I haven't blogged yet, they're lovely designs to play with and FREE!

    Gonna go check your link out now!

  2. You are just the sweetest of the sweets Trixie!!! I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime!!! You're simply gettin me all choked up! LOVE YA!

  3. Congrats to Kristy... I'll go find her and wish her luck, but Leah you are the best for helping spread the word!!

  4. Leah, these are FABULOUS images - I LOVE them! :D I really have to get some of these to play with! WOW! ;D

  5. Oh yeah, they are adorable alright! Love how you colored em up and what you did with em!
    Kim xXx


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