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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

okay, for REALZ...

how awesome is THIS BLOG?!

in hopping about the blogosphere, i came across this girl, whose blog name i thought was cute and curious enough that i had to swing by for a visit.

but my visit wasn't brief. i have been going through pages and pages of utter GORGEOUSNESS, as this girl has an unmatched love for all things vintage, antique, and just stunning.

she's got candy, too, but whatever, right?

Enchanted Revelry is my new favourite watering hole. :)

(drop by and check out the candy - it ends TOMORROW)


  1. yes, that is a wicked cool blog! AND....I wasn't ignoring your hang out question...I'd love too, and tea would be lovely! BUT...I can't reply to your comments if you don't put your email in there, silly girl! LOL!

  2. thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comment :)

    have a great day and thanks for sharing-i'm off to check it out!


  3. Thanks for the heads up my uber cutie bloggin' friend!


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