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Thursday, January 7, 2010

HI, KAYLEE! like, fer sher!

okay, this is something i've been WAITING FOR, and it's been tough keeping my trap shut for so long!

you know my fabulously talented and wonderful Dollie, Kristy? well, she has a very big secret. some of you may have had a little sneak peek HERE, and ever since that day, i've been jonesin'.

okay, enough of this mystery talk, right?

well, i got my grubby little hands on a Kristy original (or two, or three), and YOU get to see! :D

meet Kaylee!

*beams* i think she's just fantastic. i can't say anything else about it just yet, but i feel TOTALLY honoured to be the first to have a play!

oh, so yeah, my card goes with this sketch:

i wanted to play along with the awesome gals at Get Sketchy this week (HI, BREE!), and thought the sketch would be a fun one for this card. it was also late last night, and i WOULD HAVE used an oval shape, but hubbin was asleep and my nesties were in the bedroom. i didn't want to disturb him by trying to sneak them out. :)

it's thursday, which means it's ALMOST friday. and hubbin is scouting another basketball game tonight, so i can get crafty again! WOOT!


  1. Isn't that Kristy so very talented! Miss Kaylee is fab! Your card is a terrific take on the get sketchy sketch and your colors are so very delish! Throws me back to the rockin' 80's, which I totally love!
    Kim xXx

  2. She is totally cute and your card is totally TOTALLY cute!

  3. she is just gorgeous!! Love your bright zingy colours!! You are so good at making that look work! stunning! Hugs Juls

  4. Oh yeah, KEE-UTE! You do the stamping thing so well...I lack the patience I think. And don't you love when the other half goes and does something so you get some crafty time? Yeah!

  5. Kaylee is so cute and I love the color combo you used, so vibrant! And what a fun sketch, love how you used it! Awesome card Leah!

  6. Such a CUTE card! thanks for playing with us over at Get Sketchy!

  7. omg, amazing... I remember that card she did and thinkin that stamp was oh so cute! Fabulous!!

  8. per la gioia dei tuoi occhi ci sono un pochino di cose in questi giorni ;-)
    in questo anno appena iniziato ho deciso di pubblicare più cose mie ciaooo

  9. Super cute! I love the little star bits you added to the top! Great job with Get Sketchy 19!!


  10. Oh my goodness, this is fantastic Leah!

  11. this is a beautiful card!
    thanks for playing!


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