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Monday, August 24, 2009


turn and face the strange, INDEED! what a great motto, no?

so we're moving along through the traffic of life, passing some people by and waving through the windows, cutting others off, passing in the left lane, and just trying to get to our destinations. i hope i don't run out of gas before i get there!

new things are around the corner, folks! while i am no longer a member of the design team at If The Shoe Fits... Scrap It!, i am thrilled to have joined the crafty gals at Cafe Mojo! and there may be some other exciting adventures on which i shall be embarking, so i promise to keep you posted.

in the meantime, the rules for my blog candy still stand - there is ONE WEEK remaining to get in on the fun!

i haven't been able to get much done in the way of cardmaking, but in my Cafe Mom group, we are enjoying a week-long crop to celebrate the end of summer. this card is for the Potato Sack Race, which called for something potato-related ("tater") and something following the theme of the potato sack race (the brown/beige paper) :

and these little things were created for one of our August challenges, which called for christmas-themed 3x3s or 4x4s (i did a few extras because they're almost as addictive as ATCs!):

much more clean and simple than most of my recent creations, but that was part of the challenge for me! :)

in critter news, Miss Ophelia is going in for surgery friday morning, so please think happy thoughts for my lovie old lady. and tell me, when you eat your smarties, do you eat the red ones last? (canadians will understand this one)

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  1. Those Christmas cards are super cute!!

    Hope all goes well for Miss O's surgery, poor thing :(

    I'm not Canadian but I understand the reference to the red smarties! We had that jingle in Australia too, oh, years ago I think... eat the red ones, eat the red ones, eat the red ones LAST! LOL! And when I was a kid, I did!! Not any more though, any colour is fair game, I actually eat them by the handful!


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