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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

who's followin' us at The Shoe?

don't worry, i'm watching!
when we hit 100 followers, i'm going to give away a little bit of yum - i shall draw a name from those 100 (courtesy of the randomizer), and that, as they say, will be THAT.

you wanna win stuff, right?

oh, you do? then come and play with us - there are loads of challenges on our Ning Site, and weekly challenges on Our Blog, and playing along on either site means you qualify for the blog candy you see at the top of this page (until 8/31). whatcha waitin' for?

okay, now i'm off to finish one of my challenges for The Shoe, and then i'm going to work on my first challenge as a Design Team Member for Cafe Mojo!

life would be fantastic if my Miss Ophelia had gotten a clean bill of health today at the vet. fingers crossed that the cyst on her mammary gland is benign, although they say 80 per cent of these on cats are malignant. we won't know until i bring her in to have it removed, or at least to have her x-rayed. poor lovie. <3

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