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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i am EXHAUSTIFIED. i got a ton of sleep the last couple of nights, but i guess my cardmaking marathon on saturday with my pallie Adina knocked me on my butt a little. i need to find my mojo again, because i've found a TON of fun challenges i want to do, and i'd like to put a dent in The Shoe's september challenges. i don't like to cut it too close to the deadline, and we're undergoing some structural changes, so i need to keep movin'!

anyway, yesterday was the son's sixteenth birthday. there were some struggles throughout the course of the day, but it turned out okay for the most part. the biggest thing on his plate right now is trying to find a job, and he just refuses to take our advice. (because, you know, we've never had to look for jobs and do interviews or anything...) he was, however, rather beaming when i gave him his card at the end of the night, containing two tickets to see Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Panic at The Disco and Chester French tomorrow. :) too bad he's stuck going with ME! hee hee.

okay. time to get a bit of work done, and hopefully i can pull some items from my stash to start working on challenges when my shift is done. in the meantime, i dare you head on over to Gayle's Blog for a peek at some yummy candy, some of which is exclusive from CHA! that apron would sure be handy when i'm playing with my Glimmer Mists, and OOHH, new colours of Glimmer Mists! TASTY, indeed! check out the goodies:
(closes 8/21)

i want! :)
have a great day, chickens. i'll be baaaaaaaaack!

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