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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Design Dollies kickin' it!


and OMG, it was we three founding Dollies for this one. can i just say how ridiculously PROUD i am to be a part of this with Adina and Kristy?

they amaze me. i am humbled by their talent. i love them DEARLY!

and i don't ever want this fun to end! (so thanks, to those who have been so awesome and supportive, and who participate in our challenges!)

the challenge this week is a recipe (to be followed closely, folks!)
1) Three circles;
2) The color GREEN;
3) 2 different kinds of Ribbon; and
4) Inked edges

i had some time to m'self over the weekend and had a BLAST making a mess all over the dining room. it was GLORIOUS! :)
here's the card i made for this challenge:

first of all, do you SEE that gorgeous button flower? OMG, i love the texture it added! i bought a few of these wonderful little beauties from my lovely friend Diana - she has some similar ones in her Etsy Shop, but they're sellin' like hotcakes! she puts a lot of love and thought into these creations, and they're worth every penny! (and they don't COST a lot of pennies, which is a huge plus!) GO SEE FOR YOURSELF!

second, i'm LOVING the new BasicGrey Origins paper. i want to lay it across my bed and roll around in it.

third, COME AND PLAY ALONG! this challenge can be combined with yesterday's Color Challenge, or you can tackle it on its own... but i wanna see what you can do! :)

thought i had something else to share, but it's slipped my mind. oh well - i'll be back if i think of it! i have the house to myself again for a few hours, so i'm off to MAKE STUFF!


  1. Man, I wish that i could create amazing things out of paper, but luck here! Now I must go check out that shop, if I can't do it then I will just buy it!!

  2. Loving your card, and that layered flower is just the best!! And I'm SO with you on the Origins!! Love love love it :) Not sure if you've been lurking over at my place lately but I've been playing with lots of Origins too over the past few weeks.

  3. Oh that card is gorgeous :) I found your link from Sarah Lou's blog and glad I did .. how awesome r u?! I esp. love the layered flower - too cute!!

  4. Wow! I Love it, the flower is stunning!


  5. ohh house to your self! cant tell you how jealous I am! Loving this card, that flower , that velvety ricrac and that lettering ( is that cork goodnes??) love it lots!

    Ps how could we not play along with these amazing challenges?

  6. That flower is beautiful. Great card. wow I'm going to have to go check out that site too. Jeez girl you are going to have me doing as many challenge blogs as you. I love it! :)

  7. It's awesome! A little different for you and I love it! The flower rocks.

  8. this is SO VERY LOVELY!!! the button flower does indeed *ROCK* with great vehemence, also the cork letters and GIANT PHOTO CORNER are most pleasing! yeeeeeeowza, missus! ♥

  9. gorgeous! Love the colours the mixture of images! such a funky card! Hugs Juls


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