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Thursday, February 18, 2010

i'm a little behind! NEW DOLLIES CHALLENGES!


okay, so here it is, THURSDAY already, and it would appear that i'm TOTALLY slacking over here!

we have TWO new challenges up at Design Dollies, PLUS a DESIGN TEAM CALL!

the brand new Elements Challenge is a good one this week, folks. we're asking you to share a project that honours a special woman in your life. that can mean anything from a mom or grandmother, special aunt, sister, or a role model like a teacher who really impacted your life in some way... either way, you NEED to GO HERE to see what my fellow Dollies have done with this challenge. some BEAUTIFUL work, seriously!

and today brings the brand new Sketch Challenge... i will be honest and say that this one intimidated me ever so slightly, because i am a single picture scrapper (with what little scrapping i've done), and i was worried i wouldn't be able to squeeeeeeeze multiple pics in a cluster like this:

but i dove right in, scoured through my New Jersey pics (instead of digging out more of the old ones you've been seeing), and found some that i could trim down quite perfectly!

here's what i did with it:

it's a little ode to my hubbin, who is a high school art teacher, musician, and all around amazing talent when it comes to just about ANYTHING. the only time i worry is when he's concocting up some odd dish in the kitchen (using weird stuff like syrup, or odd fruits, or new combinations of spices). but click to enlarge the images, and you can see that he's a potter, he draws (that middle pic is all done in pointillism!) and he paints, as on the decorated guitar. he gets a whole lot of attention when he plays that one at shows and open mics. ;)

yep. i married an artist, and i'm forever amazed by the things he creates. he helped inspire me to get crafty, so i have him to thank for so much of THIS, folks!

join us, and play along with this YUMMY sketch! here's the challenge - you now have our permission to combine all three of this week's challenges, if you're brave enough, or to try any of them on their own!

oh, and did you see that we're looking for some Odd Girls to join a new design team? :) click here! you'll be glad you did! (and don't forget to get the freebie before February ends - she's a cutie!)


  1. fabulous and all the gorgeous distressed edges, and the fab glittery letters! Hugs Juls

  2. You say you're not a scrapper but man oh man you do an awesome job! I love it. Hugs, Maria

  3. Ooh, you rocked this one, girly! I really love this sketch and I'm really gonna try to play along but wowsers, I really like what you did here.

  4. artists rock!!! love that sketch xo

  5. omg--this is SO flippin' fab, i can't even tell ya! the colors... (or colours, if you prefer!) ...that rockin' sketch...the slightly skewed-ness...the ASTOUNDING pics of the talented one's output (!!!) yeah, you've got it ALL goin' on here!!!

    (can i just be obnoxious tho & wonder if a teeny headshot of THE MAN down near "he oozes it" (which is a reallyREALLY weird thing to type about someone's husband out of context, lol!) would anchor the whole thing and instantly define the "he"?) (i realize this is an entirely artificial gripe b/c IN your scrapbook it will be instantly obvious who the "he"'s only online/on its own/when this inevitably gets published in a national mag that it could be unclear!) ♥♥♥


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