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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I wanna play with the Sketchy Thursdays gals!

this here challenge is for the Sketchy Thursdays Guest Design Team spot for March... and i really wanna play with those Sketchies, because they rock, and because i love their style, and because i'm good enough, i'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me.

okay, um, Stuart Smalley there, channeling for a moment. SORRY! :)

anyway, here's the challenge (to incorporate an 80s theme/style, and to use black, white and hot pink), and here's the sketch:

OMG, i had FUN with this one! it took a while to come up with a solid idea that i thought would work, but once it hit me, i couldn't stop myself!

i have a series of awesome front-row photos from this show, and while i WANTED to scrap the one taken earlier in the day whilst SHOPPING in Toronto (my friend turned and, literally, exclaimed "holy SH!T, that's Gary Numan!" - walking down Queen Street, shopping just like us - and we asked if he'd mind a couple of pictures), or the one where he was signing my book (and i was wearing a purple wig, silver sequined dress, and tall black platform boots), but this one of him just had more of an "I'm an eighties rocker" feel to it. am i wrong?

("GRRRR! I'm Gary Numan, I'm old and still wear black eyeliner and nailpolish, lots of leather and velvet, and I'm really ANGRY and INTIMIDATING! right?")

the page, in all its glory. song quote - "We Are So Fragile" was always my favourite, and not overplayed like "Cars".

yeah, um, jelly bracelets and Dymo label gun. that screamed '80s to me! splashy/splattery paint. that whole graffiti thing was HUGE. oh, i can't tell you how many times i saw the movies Breakin' and Beat Street. :D

and any cool kid wore safety pins to keep their pantlegs tight at the bottom... or in their ears, or in their noses, or basically in anything that looked edgy. i certainly did! (that made me extra cool, yeah?)

so, there's my big effort for the evening. a total labour of love here, folks! i STILL love Gary, and all the fabby music from the '80s. that's SO my era! :)


  1. JJEEELLLLYYYY Bracelets!!! yeahhhh!! So cool! You rocked this, and brought me back to my youth. So cool! xo

  2. I looooooove the jelly bracelets!!!!!

  3. This is so cool, when i was young i played cars over and over, now my 16 yearold loves Gary Newman too. We have a friend who goes to all his gigs and Gary always talks to him and sometimes invites him to parties after the gigs.
    I've been looking at your blog, loving your style. janex

  4. this rocks!!!!! Love the colours! Love all the staples and the safety pins!! fab creation! Hugs Juls

  5. Totally rocks!! Love your style.

  6. Oh TRIXIE! That is FAB! The paint the dymo and the jellies!!! PERFECT! You totally rawk!!! I'm blown away girlie!

  7. Too cool! That came out great. I love the safety pins. Awesome.

  8. Wow, this layout rocks! Good luck!

  9. Hi Leah
    me again, could you e mail me I have something to ask in private and can't find your email. janex

  10. totally 80's love it!!! I have been thinking about this one and havent figured out how to pull off the 80's theme, but you totally rawked it!!!

  11. OK, we are soooo on the same wavelength!!! I've been trying to come up with an 80s-themed layout and the first thing to pop into my head were those gummy bracelets! And I did an 80s l/o a few months back with ripped, holey nylons and safety pins. Separated at birth, I tell ya!!! This is such an AWESOME layout!!!!!!!! So excited we've tempted you over to the darkside and you played along with the GDT challenge!! Just don't happen to have any on hand. OK, sooooooooo need to see the pic of you in the purple wig and silver dress!!!! Pretty please??!!

  12. OMG, you so captured the 80's here! My favorite thing is the jelly bracelets and the safety pins! I'm a teen of the 80's and it was the best decade eveah!!!!! You so ROCKED this one!!!!
    Kim xXx

  13. Holy crap I love this to PIECES! The bracelets are a stroke of genius and I love that you were right there WITH him! Dang!

  14. oh wow♥WOW♥wow!!!!!! this might be my favorite thing you've EVER made! holy 80's guacamole this ROCKS...both literally and figuratively! :) and yeah. that's gotta be THE definitive gary numan photo. you might like to send this baby in to his record co...i smell "ALBUM COVER" here!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

    (asidet from anything else--this LO is an AMAZING version of the sketch and a downright AWESOME use of non-scrappy products as the perfect theme-enhancing embellishments! YEOWZA, missus!)

  15. Oh I was so jealous of the girls that had pink jelly bracelets, i always wanted those, I only had boring black...:(

    Definitely 80's fantabulous smashing layout!


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