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Monday, November 29, 2010

FABBY SALES, incentives, and are you feeling ODD?!

first of all, there's a big SALE going on at Some Odd Girl, and if you think Tiny Tia is a little cutie patootie, then GO HERE! Tiny Tia images are ALL 20% off! and if you're thrifty, you might wanna check out the 99 CENT BIN, where there are lots of oldies but goodies (and you can stock up - you deserve a little gift to yourself, dontcha?!). the SENTIMENTS are super cheap, too, and they're so much fun to play with, even if you don't have the mad colouring skillz! ;) (oh, and you STILL get to rack up your Some Odd LOYALTY POINTS, to cash in for more freebies!)

but what i REALLY wanna share is that TOMORROW, starting at 9 am EST, we kick off our fun Hol-Odd-Day BLOG HOP!

we have a lineup of 25 (holy wowza!) loyal crafters who took part, including our Odd Girls (the Some Odd Girl Design Team, that is), and lots of our Odd Friends! you won't wanna miss it - there will be TONS of giveaways, and heaps and gobs of wonderful inspiration!

join us tomorrow! and bring your crayons! :D

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