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Thursday, June 11, 2009

birthday goodness

wellie, Erin shares a birthday with my Gram, who passed away in September. not a day goes by when i don't miss her dreadfully. so stop by Erin's blog for some birthday candy (to end 6/27), although i'm hoping i'll win and it will cheer me up!

i love to bloghop. too bad sometimes i forget where i started, and i forget to bookmark or follow the ones that really catch my eye. i even drew out one of the sketches i found the other day, made a little card, and forgot who was hosting the sketch challenge! it took me a good 40 minutes to find it again. i'll get better at this in time, right?

tonight, i'm gettin' my hair did. ;)
my birthday gift from the hubbin is the hair colour i've always wanted, and i have an appointment at 6:30 this evening. i am TERRIBLY excited, but quite nervous as many hairdressers have messed up when bleaching my hair in the past. i trust my guy though, and i have total faith that he won't do me wrong!

the boys are almost finished school - yikes! i am much more productive at work and around the house when they're at school, so it's going to be a big distraction having them both in the house all day. i hope the son finds a job and gets out of my hair! (by "the boys", i am referring to my sweet hubbin and my teenaged son)

i wish this rain would let up. it's ruining my natural light and i can't create art under these conditions! i'm going to write a letter to the editor.

right then. breakfast, and a father's day card, and some work quotes on the agenda today. pics forthcoming.

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  1. Hae fun at your hair appointment tonight!!! thanks for posting about my candy! good luck:) It's also my grandfather's b-day, busy day!


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