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Thursday, June 18, 2009

CPS yummy sketchy goodness

i've been busy tonight! the son had a friend sleeping over and they were up late watching movies, so i thought i'd take advantage of the fact that there was NOISE in the house at an ungodly hour, and of course, i got my craft on!

the CPS card sketch this week was this one:

here's the card i made (with yet another Ketto image sent to me by Miss Kristy:

it's hard to see that the larger blue square is a smoky metallic blue paper, and the "adore" embellie is steel. i'm still learning about my camera, so without proper lighting in here, i leave it all up to Mr. Automatic.

it's raining, AGAIN. seems like that's all we've been getting in south jersey lately, and it's done a number on my poor noggin. if only it would let up just enough for me to properly CLEAR my head for a day or two, the ache would pass. but no such luck. at any rate, it's definitely bed time! good night! :)

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  1. Love your card!!! Its raining here too alot :P I'm in BFE but the city 20 min away is having to apply for fed disaster aide b/c of the rain in the last couple days! It's a world or destruction up there!

    I am suffering! M's had all their ink pads on sale last week 40% off and I sooooo wanted to go and get some! you ladies are getting me hooked on this inking and stamping business and since all I had was brown and black b4 I need some goodness! GRRRR! It was such a good deal too!


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