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Sunday, June 7, 2009

more yum

i swear, i am going to MAKE something today. maybe a little later, as i have to get out, do some shopping (i have NO summer clothes that fit nicely), and possibly get my passport photo re-taken. apparently the dimensions for the CANADIAN passport photo application are NOT the same as the U.S. aps, so there goes 32 bucks for the ones i had taken of my son and i. now that June 1st has passed, we're no longer able to cross the border without passports, and we've never had 'em. i have to get a move on, if i plan to make it to my cousin's wedding next month. meh.

here, however, is some DELICIOUS blog candy. how much do i love the Gorjuss Girls series? oh. my. goomie! they're fab. check out this great blog and see if you might win the candy yerself! (CANDY CLOSED!) :)

annnnnnd, yes yes, MORE CANDY to be had (closes 6/16)! visit Em's blog and be sure to drool! ;)

happy sunday, folks! two days till i'm halfway to 70 - eep!

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