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Friday, June 5, 2009

i have been doing some blog-hopping and never realized just how MUCH blog candy there is out there! maybe once July rolls around i'll host my own. i love putting gift packs together, and i THRIVE on crops and challenges. and i've been a shopping FIEND lately, so i'm hanging onto some great little items for JUST the right occasion.

have i mentioned that i'm a loyal, active member of If The Shoe Fits... Scrap It!? well i am, and it's a fantastic little site. there are challenges at least every week, some product tips and techniques we share, and much, much inspiration to be had. well there is also a BLOG, and things are HOPPIN' over there! come and join us, will ya?
every friday, there is a colour challenge. today's colours are pink and green. here's the card i made for the occasion:

i am absolutely IN LOVE with the Long-Legged Girls series from Third Coast. This one is called "fan dancer" - she's new to my collection, but has already made her way to the top ten favourites.
but work beckons, so i must be on my merry way. it's friday, folks. have a fantastic weekend!

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