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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i have a LONG list of challenges to work on...

and a migraine that's preventing me from doing ANYTHING. work is challenging right now, with schools all approaching the end of their fiscal year, and anxious to get their July 1st shopping started. i'm swamped.

but this blog isn't about work; it's about CRAFTIN'! the stuff i've done over the last couple of days is TOP SECRET so i can't share it yet (although my ONE follower has already seen it - HA!), but i'll be tossing stuff up as i plug away, so please be patient! we'll get this party started soon, i promise. :)

in the meantime, please drop by The Shoe and visit - we have lots of fun challenges (some with prizes!) and a wonderful group of talented ladies sharing their crafty secrets!

now, off to pop some Super Motrin. yay for Canadian over-the-counter drugs!

1 comment:

  1. OUCHY! I get migranes too so I feel for ya girlie!!! Isn't it kinda frustrating that you have all the goodies made and can't share?! But at least I can see your stuff early :D

    BTW my dream for a recurring theme died today, after nap time.


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