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Sunday, October 4, 2009

got a card done today...

but will have to post tomorrow, sometime, if i'm lucky. tension in the Orange household this evening. while i'd love to have spent the last 4 hours making cards and taking pictures of my blog candy, i've been waiting for the son to get home, and reading Breaking Dawn, and getting the cold shoulder. MEH!

tomorrow WILL be a better day - we have a gig!


  1. hello, hello Leah,
    hope things have improved at home and a huge congrats on the launch. I will be back to check it out.thanks to you I am nearly at 80 followers,thanks so much for your support in my fun goal. Now that I am nearly at 80 I have extended the comp for two weeks in the hope to reach 100, I am really stretching things. I will be giving out five more prizes as well if I somehow reach 100, lets see what happens. Off to watch my team win noiw :)

  2. Have fun on the gig!
    Kim xXx


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