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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SPCC 18 with a Blingy Twist

i was up late last night, and i'm paying the price now! i'm not sure WHY i still had energy at 4:30 am, but when i finally joined my snoring hubbin in bed, i still struggled to come down from my day. lots on my mind, i guess?

at any rate, i finished up a card for the SPCC Combo #18 and for the Twisted Sketch #17, and i officially LOATHE foil peel-off stickers! my fab penpal and cardmaking buddy from England sent me a ton of them (i suspect it's because she hates them, too), and i thought they'd come in handy. pulled 'em out for this card, fought the good fight, but i'm fairly certain they won. they are DIFFICULT to work with! maybe larger ones wouldn't bother me, but these, well, no thank you! i am, however, pleased with the card. an odd style for me, and the shapes are improvised (with a pair of scalloped scissors for the center panel and regular scissors to cut those lower shapes - what do you call them?), but i like it. you can't really see the soft shimmer of the brown paper, but it's a little blingy, too (the Twisted Sketches challenge required BLING!)

here are the colours:

and here's the sketch:

the son is home sick again today (he tried to go to school, but the nurse called me to say he'd been throwing up). i wish my boys would just get HEALTHY already! and i hope i don't end up with the nasty bug they both caught!


  1. oooh..i love to see ur card..cute and simple :)

  2. Wonderful card. Great job sticking with the foil stickers, they look fabulous on the card!

    Melisa-SP Diva

  3. Your card is wonderful. I especially love those stickers that you hate!

  4. Great use of the SPCC colours - Thanks for joining us.

  5. Lovely card :) You used the colours and sketch well.

  6. Lovely job!!
    So glad you joined us this week at SPCC!!

  7. Cool Crad! Glad you joined us this week!

  8. Very pretty! I love what you did with the design.
    SPCC Creator


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