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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

so you think you can DOODLE?

yeah, so i'm trying to break into unfamiliar territory, and i am doing this art journal, full of things i love, things i hate, things that inspire me, things that scare me, etc...

in the Cafe Mom group for which i'm an administrator, we have a slew of things going on, and one of them is a doodling challenge. most of the people in the group are die-hard scrapbookers, and well, being a lowly cardmaker, i struggle to jump into these fierce waters... i scoured our huge stash of magazines to find something that might inspire me, and i came across a simple writeup for SAFFRON. mmm, saffron.

so i played.

i LOVE my "art journal" and it's proven therapeutic (albeit messy!) in so many ways already. a big thank you to my lovely friend (and fellow Baker) Kim, who sent me another, almost IDENTICAL journal, because she totally gets what i'm doing! this one will surely fill up quickly, so my new one will come in very handy.


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