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Saturday, October 3, 2009

mmm, freaky candy!

the fabulous girls over at Sketchy Thursdays have given us ANOTHER shot at some yum, and thrown up another sketch this week. but there's a CATCH! the sketch and PROMPT have to be used, and the prompt was CANDY! well this was an absolute no-brainer for me, but i had to locate a box from a previous order of JAPANESE KIT KATS... luckily the hubbin is a hoarder like myself. :) BLOGGER HATES ME AGAIN TODAY, but here ya go:

(i apologize for the kinks in the necks)

most of the flavours of KitKat you see on my layout are flavours we have actually ordered, and some of them are just out of this world. now that the weather's gotten cooler, 'tis the season to order some more!

OH, and for the record, i'm "scrapbooking" in a personal art journal, which is 5"x8", thus explaining the crease down the middle of the page. :)

here's their sketch:

so, yeah.
play along. the prize is NIFTY, and tell Diana and Heidi that the Orange Girl sent you! :)


  1. It shouldn't be THE orange girl but THAT orange girl LOL!!! Is that seriously CANTALOUPE flavored Kit Kat??????????

  2. Too cute! I love all the different Kit Kats. You did a yummy job on the sketch, it is very 'sweet'! Hey I had to be out most of the day and hopefully will get to play tomorrow in the Humble Pie challenge.
    Kim xXx

  3. All I can say is...OMG I had no idea KitKat's came in those flavors. That is awesome. =) Okay yes candy can excite me. =)

  4. OMG this layout is HOT! Dying to try to cool Kit Kat flavors. Wish we had those here. The Japanese come up with some of the neatest flavor combos. Thanks so much for playing along with us and the awesome shout out!!

    Heidi - Sketchy Thursdays

  5. (Ouch... my neck, lol) Love this and how freakin' original!! Thanks for playing,
    -Diana, Sketchy Thursdays founder

  6. I had no idea there were other flavors of Kit Kats! I love your layout - absolutely amazing!

    Tessa, Sketchy Thursdays DT

  7. Oh I forgot about the cantaloupe flavor. Darn it Orange - I am trying to diet here and now I am going to have to run out to the closest conbini for some snackies!


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