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Friday, October 2, 2009

i am SO frustrated!

i have been trying to print a digital image so i can fix up my card for the launch of the Humble Pie Stamps blog on SATURDAY (!!!), and as i ONLY have digis to play with for now, of course my printer decides to junk out on me.

i have no clue what's wrong with the blasted thing - there's plenty of black toner, and i was able to print some stuff for work yesterday, but now i'm just upset over the whole thing. i HAVE to get this thing up and running, dagnabbit, or i'll have to doctor up the original image i printed (the first digi i ever attempted), and it's, well, mediocre to say the least. maybe even sub-par. BUGGAH! i'm very unhappy about this.

i wonder if the son decided to muck about with it while hubbin and i were at yoga last night. hmm...

i may have to make a call to Brother for some tech support - this thing's not even two years old, and we've HARDLY used it. *le heavy sigh*



  1. woe, indeed! consternation, even! hope it's better now!!! ♥

  2. Thankyou so much for your enthusiasm for my blog and my giveaway. I love your creations and your blog, amazing stuff. My printer is about to give up the ghost as well. Good luck in getting it fixed.


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