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Thursday, December 3, 2009

another LAYOUT! (fer realz?)

yep. that's two REAL layouts now. i blame the girls in my Cafe Mom group. they're a terribly wonderful influence. :) now that i've got them all making cards, they've got me doing real, honest-to-goomie scrappin'.

so the new sketch is up at Sketchy Thursdays, and i was perusing some photos on my desktop and this little series jumped out at me.

this is HIMZ. i fell head over heels in love, and hubbin was looking at cages and shavings and water bottles and such, leading me to believe that i might have been bringing HIMZ home with me... then he said he was just teasing, and that we'll get bunnies when we get a bigger house. i was sad!

but i'm holding him to that promise!

i even HAND STITCHED the trims. SO unlike me.

and while it's not QUITE as bright and bold as one might expect to show KAWAII, i'm totally entering this for this week's PINK NINJAS CHALLENGE! it's all about the LINGO, to me. and i think this lil' stinker of a bun-bun SCREAMS cute, which is TOTALLY KAWAII! :)

anywho, there that is! tomorrow's friday, and i'll be back with a new Humble Pie challenge!


  1. Love it, the layout and the name! hehe

    good luck on getting your bunny soon

  2. so so cute!! I am loving the purple pom poms!!

  3. is that a chocolate clay bunny?? so cute!! I had a bunny that was the love of my life once. he was the cutest! blue-gray mini with teeny short eats like HIMZ. boo to hubbs for playing with your heart like that! he OWES you now! thank you for alerting me to check the Dollies. It was only ONE DAY! oh, that's know about my rock problem. ;oD

  4. nupe, he's actually a piece of black chipboard from Basic Grey's "honey pie" line - painted it with rock candy and there she be.

    OOHHH! i wanna see pics of your lil' bun! scrap 'eem!

    as for the rock problem... oh, heidi. i know ALL about you.

  5. This is so cute - glad you are coming out to play with the pink ninjas!! Thanks,, :-)
    {xoxo} ninja ally

  6. OH yea, this is VERY kawaii!! LOVE it to pieces!!!

  7. Hey just had to come by and tell you hello and that I loved the comment you left on my site about being naughty. lol What the hubbys don't know want hurt them right
    You sound just like me. I love your post and page you have here. Do you sell your work or just keep it for you.
    If you sell it you might want to be on my Temptation Mondays post. Let me know

  8. Wonderful layout, I love the papers you used and those pictures are too cute! Your chocolate bunny really caught my eye, so cool!

  9. Look at how quick you are, girl!!! I had a bunny. In high school. My dad managed to make him deceased while I was in college. That was a rotten phone call to get as a freshman-"Hon, I killed your rabbit." Grrr... Love the page, btw!!

  10. This is too cute, Leah! I just love those purple pom certainly have a way of putting all these cute things together! The bunny is soooo cute...

  11. Awwhh - I love bunnies!!! Great LO - that pom pom fringe is adorable! Love it all.

  12. Oh wow... too, too cute!!! My DD is in love with bunnies too. Unfortunately in our state it's illegal to have them as pets, so she's had to be satisfied with her guinea pigs instead. And I agree... sugoku kawaii~iiii yo!!!

  13. Awww, you couldn't has Himz?? But he's just a lil guy! Oh well...someday. Love the lo...especially how you used the trim.

  14. very cute take with the bunny theme & lingo !

    thanks for playing with the Pink Ninjas !

  15. Very cool. Love the color scheme.

  16. Can't keep up with you, mrs.. You're like woman possessed!! (Or is that obssessed??) ;o)

    Chris xx

  17. I love this page!! And HIMZ is cute!! For sure! Sorry you couldn't get him. :( Maybe someday soon!

    Thanks for playing with the Ninjas!

  18. Seriously cute! I'm a sucker for pom pom trim. Thanks for sharing!

    Tessa, Sketchy Thursdays DT


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